LATEST NEWS ITEM.......congratulations to all who took part in the supreme championships in Liverpool, fantastic performances in Poomsae, Power Kicking and Sparring

Our award winning dedicated academy has many junior members who thoroughly enjoy the range of classes we provide.  Some children learn with us simply for fun and to improve their confidence / fitness whilst others go on to compete at all levels

Adults at our classes are from a wide age range  and from various backgrounds and train for many reasons.  Some to get fit/flexible whilst others train for self -defence or sporting reasons.  Whatever the reason there is something for you in our classes.

We have many links to Korea, the home of Taekwondo. We offer trips and training at the world headquarters (Kukkiwon) which is in Seoul.  Our Senior Instructor Master Nigel Hudson 7th Dan makes regular trips to Korea.

Making the right decision

SkelmersdaleTaekwondo is the area's premier Taekwondo school and our instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you in your Martial Arts journey.  Our senior Master has studied Martial Arts for over 30 years and holds one of the highest ranks in the UK, making regular trips to the World HQ in Korea to meet with other senior masters and to keep updated on the latest regulations and training methods.


If you want to try a class completely free then call or email to book a trial lesson with no obligation.  If you decide to join you will find that our prices are some of the cheapest around.  Here at our school you will get the best training at a fraction of the cost other schools charge.  There is no catch as we are a school dedicated to the pursuit of our Martial Art and sport.                

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