We are members of the UK Taekwondo Development Council which in turn is affiliated to the BTC as recognised by Sport England as the National Governing Body for Taekwondo in Great Britain. We also have specialised coaches in the various Taekwondo disciplines.


Skelmersdale Taekwondo covers all aspects of Taekwondo from technical and self defence to sport competition with high calibre instructors at our disposal. Students practice basic techniques of both hands and feet through line work and drills; they will also learn various step and free sparring techniques and Poomsae (patterns). As they develop they will have the opportunity to specialise in competition elements. Throughout a persons tuition they will be familiarised with the formal elements of courtesies and basic Korean language.


The club is the areas most successful Taekwondo club and the Instructors have taught to gold medal winning podium finishes at local ,Regional, National & International competitions have have coached both European and World champions, Competition is not compulsory but is an avenue offered to all students


The school instructors have helped fund the purchase of significant levels of equipment which includes over 5 thousand pounds worth of special jigsaw matting training and striking equipment plus a considerable amount of protective body armour for use in sparring and competition. 


Skelmersdale Taekwondo members are often entering competitions having some top successes.


Members of all ages hare competing around the country and the medal haul continues to grow.

   (Master Hudson with the Kukkiwon president Korea 2014)



We compete in WTF/Kukkiwon style of Taekwondo as seen in the Olympic games where the player wears a red or blue Hogu (chest protector), head guard, gloves, shin and forearm protectors.  A score is made when the foot strikes the chest protector or head.

Whether for fitness, flexibility, self defence, competition, discipline or its social element we have something for all 


Children can achieve their goals through our structured training methods, building confidence and their personal development

 If you want to try a class completely free then call or email to book a trial lesson with no obligation.  If you decide to join you will find that our prices are some of the cheapest around.  Here at our school you will get the best training at a fraction of the cost other schools charge.  There is no catch as we are a school dedicated to the pursuit of our Martial Art and sport.


Skelmersdale Taekwondo will give your child an all round training experience that will be enjoyable, fun and educational.  They will learn the core skills and strong mental ethos of the martial arts from instructors approved by the National Governing Body (British Taekwondo Council) and qualified through the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Korea.