All our instructors have been CRB checked and passed the National Governing Body instructors course, ensuring that your child is taught by approved Instructors / coaches.  We aim to ensure that your child has the best experience possible in their Martial Arts study which will increase their self esteem and improve motivation.

Here at Skelmersdale Taekwondo School we cater for children of all ages fro 3 yrs


We have been teaching Taekwondo in the Skelmersdale areas for many years, helping children with their physical and emotional growth in a safe and caring environment.


A number of children will choose to enter the competition element of Taekwondo and some have gone on to compete at National & International level events.  A child may choose to compete in Patterns or sparring or simply come along to support their class mates.


The development of the children who attend our classes is our prime concern and our team of coaches is excellent it helping to bring out the best in all of them


We have an array of tools and equipment that make our classes enjoyable and gives the children a challenge.

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Free trial lesson for all new students

Children can achieve their goals through our structured training methods, building confidence and their personal development

 If you want to try a class completely free then call or email to book a trial lesson with no obligation.  If you decide to join you will find that our prices are some of the cheepest (see contact page for costs) around.  Here at our school you will get the best training at a fraction of the cost other schools charge.  There is no catch as we are a school dedicated to the pursuit of our Martial Art and sport.


Skelmersdale Taekwondo will give your child an all round training experience that will be enjoyable, fun and educational.  They will learn the core skills and strong mental ethos of the martial arts from instructors approved by and qualified through the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Korea.