Adults participate in Martial Arts for many reasons.  Some want to get fit or maintain their fitness level, others join to learn a system of self-defence or to lose weight.


The training you will receive at Skelmersdale Taekwondo will give you the tools to develop your fitness through

cardiovascular workouts.  You will start with learning basic movements including blocks and kicks which is developed into formal prearranged movements.  You will also learn fundamental self-defence techniques.


You do not have to be fit to begin Martial Arts, this will develop as you progress through your structured training regime.


Nigel Hudson

Master Nigel Hudson

7th Dan Black Belt


Chief Instructor


International Instructor

International Judge

Chairman UKTDC

Nick Owen

Master Nick Owen

4th Dan Black Belt


Senior Sports coach


Former GB international competitor

Andy Johnson
Ian Black
Niki Lawrenson

Mr Iain Black

2nd Dan Black belt

Little kickers instructor

Miss Niki Lawrenson

2nd Dan Black belt

Little Kickers Instructor

Children can achieve their goals through our structured training methods, building confidence and their personal development

 If you want to try a class completely free then call or email to book a trial lesson with no obligation.  If you decide to join you will find that our prices are some of the cheapest around.  Here at our school you will get the best training at a fraction of the cost other schools charge.  There is no catch as we are a school dedicated to the pursuit of our Martial Art and sport.


Skelmersdale Taekwondo will give your child an all round training experience that will be enjoyable, fun and educational.  They will learn the core skills and strong mental ethos of the martial arts from instructors approved by the National Governing Body (British Taekwondo Council) and qualified through the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Korea.